Finance Context

Bank deals with all the Islamic modes of financing, according Leader idiosyncratic, The formulas are as follows

1. Finance Murabaha (sale, both Murabaha and Murabaha to the purchaser's order). 2. Almusharka. 3. Alsalam. 4. Contracting. 5. Speculation. 6. Almuzarah. 7. Almsacap. 8. Istisna'a.

Apply method:

Customer apply to the bank for funding one of the formulas that fit economic activity, commercial, or industrial or agricultural or service and determines the demand amount and purpose of the funding - -Escrow formula - how long and how to submit payment with a feasibility study of the process. The investment division will branch on receiving the client's request and sit with him to supplement and update the rest of the funding requirements for the implementation of controls in accordance with finance in the bank and controls the funding policy of the Central Bank. The Bank provides financing and investment services to all sectors and individuals, businesses, organizations and institutions and units, according to formats to suit everyone.

Documents required for the implementation of the funding formulas:

1. Murabaha to the purchaser's order:

It is one of the Islamic modes of financing, which handles the bank, which is the process of selling on credit my bank sells it to the customer merits of buying a commodity and increase profit is known and the client's payment of the sale is deferred eighth installments, can the customer pays a premium in advance by the nature of the process, there are terms and details more in Murabaha contract for the purchaser's order. To obtain financing Murabaha to buy something on the customer's work follows: -

• bring a photo ID (identity card or passport or driving license poles effect). • Photo pictures. • residence certificate. • funding request from the client explaining / purpose of financing / Amount / formula / Period / warranty. • Feasibility study. • Three certified tax budgets or budget editorial in the case of new installations (companies and legal entities). • disclosed assets and liabilities in the case of consumer finance. • Customer approval form (a and b). • forma invoice of the product and the required final bill. • Provide sufficient guarantee to repay the financing. • pro-active documents (business license, contract and a list of incorporation for companies and, in the case of agricultural finance accompanied by a certificate from the competent authority or discuss the project certificate)

2. Almusharaka formula:

It is one of the legitimate formulas that handles the bank, where the customer and the bank agree to buy a certain commodity Brass given money, which determines the contribution of each of the bank and the customer in the capital. At the end of the process the profits divided by the contribution of each of the bank and the customer in the capital, after deducting the sidelines of the management of the client, which is feasible for the client often. The required documents are the same documents in Murabaha except for the initial bill. A client who apply for funding to participate must be excellent customers and has experience in place of participation activity

3. Speculative(Almudaraba) formula:

One of the Islamic formulas in which the customer speculate with capital that takes him from the bank in accordance with the specific conditions in the contract speculation and the most important are: -

• Provide Completed application conditions and the rest of the documents, as in Murabaha. • Bank does not enter into this formula only with clients who are known for their honesty, trust and have sufficient experience in place of speculative activity (there are more details in the contract speculation)

4. Alsalam :

It is one of the Islamic Financial Transactions in which the bank pays for the goods accelerated to the client, the client and delivers the goods in hand to the Bank, which are often in the period in which the client is able to deliver the goods. The required documents and controls for grant funding are the same steps Murabaha, except for the initial bill.

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