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Brief History

The Farmer's Commercial Bank was established on 1/8/1998 as a result of the merger of two major banks, the Sudanese Commercial Bank, the first national bank established in Sudan in 1960 and the Farmer Bank for Investment and Rural Development, which was established in 1992 aiming to promote the agricultural sector and sectors related to agriculture. Commercial bank is one of the largest banking institutions in the country in terms of the number of shareholders. It has the largest shareholder base in Sudan. The Bank seeks to achieve strategic objectives in the country, such as upgrading the agricultural sector, industrial and commercial sectors in general, All other economic activities

The Legal feature

A public shareholding company with a total of 359,000,000 shares
Capital: The authorized capital is 400,000,000 Sudanese pounds
Paid-up capital: 350,000,000 Sudanese pounds

Management of the bank

Board of Directors
Ms. Samia Ahmed Mohamed Hassan - Chairman of the Board (representing the Social Security Investment Agency)
Mr. Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Hussein - Member (representing the Social Security Investment Agency)
Ms. Magda Mohamed Mahmoud - Member (representing the Social Security Investment Agency)
Professor / Buthaina Ibrahim Mohamed Saleh - Member (representing the Social Security Investment Agency)
Mr. El Hadi Mokhtar Adam - Member (representing the Social Security Investment Agency)
Mr. Hashim Khalafallah Mirghani - Member (representing the Social Security Investment Agency)
Mr. Hashim Ahmed Al Obeid - Member (representative of Sudan Cotton Company)
Mr. Jaili Mohammed Al-Bashir - Member (banking expert)
Mr. Mohamed Ali Al-Sheikh - Member (banking expert)
Mr. M. Abdullah Ahmed Hamad Abdul Rahim - Member (shareholder)
Mr. Sulaiman Hashim Mohammad Tom (Director General) - Member (Ex officio)
Secretary of the Board of Directors
Mr. Mustafa Mohamed Hamid
Legal Counsel
Mr. / Abdullah Idriss Al-Bashir
Legal References
National Audit Office
Shari'a Supervisory Board
Dr. Mostafa Hasabo Bashir Chairman
Prof. Ibrahim Noorin Ibrahim Member
Dr. Sulaiman Mohammed Karamallah Al-Mahi Member

Senior Executive Management

General Director
Mr. Sulaiman Hashim Mohammed Tom
Deputy General Manager
Mr. Babeker Sheikh Idris Manna
Assistant General Manager
Mr. Rashid Mahjoub Ahmed Al-Fil

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