Financing entrepreneurs in the field of agricultural entrepreneurship The Youth Empowerment in Agricultural Entrepreneurship project is considered one of the pioneering projects in Sudan that target young people in the field of agricultural entrepreneurship, both plant and animal.

The project follows the agricultural value chain, which is the financing process linked to the links of the chain from the provision of inputs to the marketing of the project's products.

Funding controls:

* - Completion of the training period in the project.
* - Age from 18 to 35 years old.
* - Complete the documents required to grant funding.
* - Financing according to the geographical scope of the project.
* - The projects should be within the agricultural value chain.
* - Funding is done individually or collectively.
* - The amount of funding for one pioneer does not exceed 5 million Sudanese pounds.
* - Opening a current account in the branch.

Documents required to grant funding:

*- Certificate of activity, including ownership of the site, renting it or licensing it.
*- Feasibility study of the project.
* Identification documents.
*- Certificate of residence.
*- Proforma invoices.
*- Contracting an agreement or partnership in the case of crowdfunding.
*- Any other documents related to the financing required by the branch.