Investment funds are one of the most successful methods used by financial institutions and banks in attracting and utilizing resources for the benefit of the owners of funds and the interest of the financial institution or the bank, through which the advantage of accumulating and mobilizing savings and obtaining large capital from small contributions and savings from a large number of subscribers has been achieved. From the economies of scale to use, independence and the achievement of rewarding profits for the shareholders of these funds.

As usual, the Farmer's Commercial Bank collects the deposits and resources of savers and employs them in an ideal and successful manner. The bank announced its invitation to the public to subscribe to the Twenty-ninth Investor Fund, with a minimum subscription of 2000 pounds, with a profit rate of 7% in six months.

Profits are distributed at the rate of 80% to the depositors and 20% to the bank, which is what God provides from the halal profit.

Subscription takes place in all the bank’s branches located in the state of Khartoum and all the states of Sudan, as a large number of the fund’s shareholders have settled their transactions and deposits in the fund through the profits and advantages that have been achieved for them, especially since the bank is known for its accuracy and its observance of the legal aspects in its banking transactions. A good study of the risks of his transactions and a good selection of his investment projects and were reflected in the success of all the investor fund cycles.