The microfinance unit of the Farmer Commercial Bank integrates all microfinance services and financing microfinance institutions in the form of mudaraba. With the guarantee of the Microfinance Guarantee Agency (Tayseer), it includes financing, insurance, and savings, through the bank’s branches operating in the capital and the states. Microfinance means financing that does not exceed an amount of 1,500 .000 SDG as a maximum for all productive financing sectors (agricultural, animal, industrial, and crafts). For the service and commercial financing sectors and improving shelters, the financing is in the range of 750,000 SDG.

The microfinance, within the limits of the permissible ceiling, finances various means of production (Rakshas, toktoks, light manufacturing machines....etc., improving shelters in terms of maintenance, appliances, etc.) - maintenance of production means (equipments, vehicles, rakshas etc.). The bank also stresses on financial inclusion of all segments of society -young people, women and graduates-to help solving a number of societal issues, such as unemployment and improving the standard of living of the individual and the family.

Grant Funding Requirements

A - The customer's request application (finance amount - formula - project purpose - project name - financing period)
B - National ID - recent housing certificate - activity practice certificate – project site certificate of ownership or lease contract.
C-Project Economic Feasibility study
D - Pro forma invoice
E - Recommendation of two persons known to the bank


• Guarantees (pension - salary - personal guarantee - other guarantees
• Guarantor's check (provided that the guarantor is inquired, and his competence is proven. Other guarantees (conventional and unconventional)
• Non-traditional guarantees refer to group warranty, mayors, sheikhs, salary, pension, mortgage of valuable property, group guarantee, and insurance policies documents.
• Conventional guarantees refer to the personal guarantee by a guarantor's check or direct storage of goods and properties, real estate and movables mortgages in the case of group projects, and any other guarantees


• The client completes the required documents and visits the nearest farmer Commercial bank branch.
• Financing applications are submitted to all operating branches of the Farmer Commercial Bank according to geographical distribution.
• The branch reviews the application and the feasibility study and matches it with reality.
• The microfinance employee in the branch makes a field visit before the granting of financial funding and a number of follow-up visits post-financial funding.
• The investment committee in the branch reviews the request in all its aspects and makes the appropriate decision.