They are special devices that have the ability to deal with electronic payment cards that are linked with banks through the national restrictions converter through a communications network that enables the acceptance of payments through the bank card and electronic wallet cards, which is a small bank branch.

Point of sale services:

Purchase - cancel - account feeding - balance inquiry - communications - and electricity - change the password - transfer to a card - transfer to an account - send a money transfer - E15 - higher education - cash with purchase - mini statement - cancel after settlement.

Conditions for obtaining a point of sale:

Commercial activity - Our bank account - Valid proof of identity - Customer Obligations - Signing a legal contract with the bank - Activate the device and advertise its services and place it in a clear place for customers.

Bank's Obligations:

Providing a point-of-sale device with all its accessories and facilitating the receiving procedures.

Submitting the necessary paper to extract POS machine receipts for free.

Extracting reports as requested by the client.